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"...Jack McTamney is a hard man to find. His Myspace profile remains unchecked since March 3. His Web site hasn't been updated in four months. E-mails return with error messages indicating his mailbox has reached capacity. His name is inexplicably unlisted in the phone book. ...I'm beginning to believe he really was abandoned as a small child and adopted by a roving pack of stray dogs... Perhaps Jack returned to the rail yard... ...Maybe he reunited with Stewbone, the old brakeman who taught Jack to play the guitar..."

"Of all the mystery surrounding (Jack's) whereabouts and history... one thing is certainly real, the lyrics of McTamney's songs... Check it out."

-Scott Arney, Port Richmond Star


You are now entering the halfway to nowHere zone where the music tellsTHE STORY so have a listen and judge for yourself.

You can read what some others have had to say... According to one reviewer: "They say you can't please all the people all the time but he gives it a hell of a go...."?

New! Listen to Jack's songs for free in streaming mode, or buy them here...

Check out Jack's blog... so far it's poetry, but who knows where it will wind up...blah, blah, BLOG.

The truth don't wait for someone to believe it...

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Stalk along with the Jackarazzi.

Guitar slinger Jim Fogarty has a websitehere.


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